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NEScape! Hint Page

Using the links above, click on the Chapter that you need hints for. The hints are located below this paragraph, invisible to the naked eye. Please click and drag to reveal them. Only drag as far down as you need, as to not be spoiled.


1: Did you turn on the light?

The lightswitch is very close to where the cursor begins the game.

2. Did you unlock the Caboodle?

Did you use the flashlight in all four rooms? (additional hint beneath)

Is there an order that you can put the paintings in? (additional hint beneath)

Use the symbols in order of the person's age in the paintings. Baby > Toddler > Man > Elderly Man

3. Did you find what the first key unlocks?

The key unlocks the drawer on the left side of the yellow wall.

4. Did you take the extension cord?

The extension cord was in the drawer.

5. Did you combine the extension cord with anything?

Are there any items in your inventory with power cords? (additional hint beneath)

The extension cord combines with the hair dryer.

6. Did you power the combined hair dryer?

Are there any outlets in the room? (additional hint beneath)

The combined hair dryer plugs into the yellow wall.

7. Did you use the hair dryer on anything?

Perhaps there is something that can be melted on the screen with the yellow wall. (additional hint beneath)

Use the hair dryer on the Wax figure on the yellow wall.

8. Did you get the second key?

The second key is inside the melted wax figure.

9. Did you find what the second key unlocks?

The second key unlocks the chest on the green wall.

10. Did you solve the sliding puzzle?

Are you sure you have all the face pieces in the proper place? (additional hint beneath)

Make sure you have the small corners of the face where they need to go. (additional hint beneath)

Move the empty space: U U R D D L U U R U L L D D D R U R U U L L D R U L D D R R U L L D D

11. Did you combine any items you took from the chest with anything you previously had?

Two of the items look similar. Maybe they go together. (additional hint beneath)

Combine the two pieces of paper together.

12. Did you open the clock?

Is there anything in your inventory that looks like it might be used on a numbers puzzle? (additional hint beneath)

Can the combined sheet of paper be deciphered to a clock time? (additional hint beneath)

The horizontal dots are a time. The vertical dots are the separator of a clock time. 2:25.

13. Did you pull the clock handle?

Pulling the clock handle ends chapter 1.

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