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NEScape! Hint Page

Using the links above, click on the Chapter that you need hints for. The hints are located below this paragraph, invisible to the naked eye. Please click and drag to reveal them. Only drag as far down as you need, as to not be spoiled.


1. Is there anything new to pick up?

There is something new on the shelf on the blue wall.  (additional hint beneath)

There is a hammer to pick up.

2. Is there anything you can break with the hammer?

The piggy bank can be shattered with the hammer.

3. Did you pick up what was inside the piggy bank?

There were three coins left in the piggy bank.

4. Can you use the money anywhere?

The money can be placed in the phone in a specific order.  (additional hint beneath)

The order to put the money in can be found on the phone itself.  (additional hint beneath)

Place the coins in this order: 5c, 10c, 25c.

5. Can you hear the dial tone?

You did not place the money in the correct order. Hit the coin return and try again.

6. Did you dial the correct number?

The number to dial can be found on something in the room.  (additional hint beneath)

The paper in the typewriter looks different. What could that mean?  (additional hint beneath)

There are letters in the poem that can be placed together to form numbers.  (additional hint beneath)

Take the first number from every word to reveal the number to dial: 62591.

7. Do you know what the beeping noise is?

The beeping noise is morse code.

8. Do you know what to do with the beeping noise?

The swap puzzle on the yellow room can be rearranged to display a morse code machine.  (additional hint beneath)

Use the blacklight on it to reveal a morse code translation poster.  (additional hint beneath)

The morse code is spelling out H O P E.  (additional hint beneath)

H O P E can be spelled out on the letter combination lock on the green wall.

9. Did you get the third cassette?

The third cassette can be found inside the SIMON game after completing many rounds.

10. Did you play the third cassette?

Combine the cassette with the powered walkman, as you did in Chapters 1 and 2.  (additional hint beneath)

It is saying another single word, slightly more complex than the last.  (additional hint beneath)

It's a five letter word.  (additional hint beneath)

Make sure you're hearing the S at the end.  (additional hint beneath)

It's saying "WARMS"

11. Did you use the word heard from the third cassette anywhere?

There is something functional in the room that you can put words in.  (additional hint beneath)

Type the word onto the typewriter on the yellow wall.

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