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    Kevin Hanley chose to move to Dallas, Texas in 2008, right as the US economy was on the decline. Finding himself unemployed and in a new city, Kevin began to seek out employment, only to find that seemingly no one was hiring. Rather than slip into a dark depression having not gotten any callbacks for interviews, Kevin stumbled upon a series of online tutorials dubbed "Nerdy Nights", written by someone who would later become one of his very good friends, Brian Parker.

    "Nerdy Nights" were tutorials designed to teach the reader how to program for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Having no previous programming experience, Kevin was intimidated, but wanted to keep his mind occupied in whatever way he could. He pushed through them, one at a time, trying to not allow the overwhelming stress to consume him. He needed to focus his efforts into a first project so that he had a tangible goal. He chose to take one of his favorite games, the arcade game Frogger, and attempt to recreate it for the NES, as that game had somehow never been ported to the system.

    Asking Brian numerous questions along the way, eventually Kevin was successful. In the decade since Ultimate Frogger Champion was released, Kevin has made a name for himself having ported many of his other favorite games to the NES, including the original Leisure Suit Larry and cult favorite Atari 2600 game, Sneak 'n Peek.

    Kevin has been recognized for his talent both on the big screen, cable television, and also print in magazines like Wired and Nintendo Force. Details can be found on the As Seen In page.

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