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NES Spectrum Marathon

The NES Spectrum Marathon is an annual charity gaming marathon started in 2018 by Kevin Hanley, Kyndal Howard and Chelsea Howard to raise money for autism awareness.

The charity fundraiser is typically run at the beginning of September. For more information please check out the 2018 NES Spectrum Marathon page found here.

Money raised:

2018 - $2,691.46

2019 - $2,060.00

2020 - $4,670.00

2021 - $5,720.00

2022 - $2,969.00

2023 - $3,001.00

Total money raised: $21,111.46


2023 Marathon dates

The 2023 NES Spectrum Marathon was on September 15th, 2023 at noon CST and ran for 50 hours, and will then continue until all games in the queue are played. To tune in, download the Twitch app on your favorite smart device and search for NESSpectrumMarathon or click right here to be taken to!

2024 donation form

The donation form for next year will pop up when the dates get closer!


Price list:

$20 - One game

$40 - Three games

$60 - Five games

Please donate the correct amount for the number of games requested. Please select no more than five games. You are welcome to donate more than the specified amount, but with the number of requests coming in there is no way to play more than five games per person (and only if said person has donated at least $60.) Thank you for understanding.

All donations will come in to me (Kevin Hanley of KHAN Games) and when the marathon is over I will donate the entirety of the donations to the Organization for Autism Research.


Prize packs are back, baby! For every game you donate for you will have an entry into the prize raffles.


Thank you to the following sponsors for kindly donating items for us to raffle off:

Broke Studio


Homebrew Game Club


Paul Sergeant


Jordan Davis

KHAN Games

Morphcat Games

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