NES Spectrum Marathon

The NES Spectrum Marathon is an annual charity gaming marathon started in 2018 by Kevin Hanley, Kyndal Howard and Chelsea Howard to raise money for autism awareness.

The charity fundraiser is typically run at the beginning of September. For more information please check out the 2018 NES Spectrum Marathon page found here.

Money raised:

2018 - $2,691.46

2019 - $2,060.00

2020 - $4,670.00

2021 - $5,720.00


2021 Marathon dates

The 2021 NES Spectrum Marathon will begin on September 17th, 2021 at noon CST and run for 50 hours, and will then continue until all games in the queue are played. To tune in, download the Twitch app on your favorite smart device and search for NESSpectrumMarathon or click right here to be taken to!

2021 donation form

Price list:

$20 - One game

$40 - Three games

$60 - Five games

Please donate the correct amount for the number of games requested. Please select no more than five games. You are welcome to donate more than the specified amount, but with the number of requests coming in there is no way to play more than five games per person (and only if said person has donated at least $60.) Thank you for understanding.

All donations will come in to me (Kevin Hanley of KHAN Games) and when the marathon is over I will donate the entirety of the donations to the Organization for Autism Research.


For every game that you donate to have played during the Spectrum Marathon, your name will be entered into the prize raffles that many times. For example, if you donate $40 to have three games played, your name will be entered three times into every prize raffle. Once you win a raffle you will be excluded from further raffles. We want to give everyone an opportunity to win!

The prize packs are raffled off randomly throughout the marathon. You do not need to be present to win, but a valid email address must be used when donating so that we can have some way to contact you after the marathon is over to arrange shipping. (Shipping will be paid by me, so we will just need an address).

Keep in mind the marathon takes a lot out of me, so it may be a week or two after the marathon concludes before your prize pack is shipped.

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Thank you to our incredibly generous sponsors who have graciously donated items to our insane prize packs! Click the links to learn more! They're the best!

On top of being a top-notch musician, Antoine has designed and programmed an incredible game on the NES called Twin Dragons. As friendly as he is talented, Antoine is currently pushing the NES into uncharted waters as he develops a NES board that connects to Wifi which will undoubtedly herald in new and exciting games in the coming years.

If you've heard of anyone in the NES homebrew scene you've heard of these guys. Creating the best selling and most widely known NES homebrew of all time, Micro Mages, Julius and Nicolas continue to innovate and show that the scale of the development team has nothing to do with the output quality, as they consistently put out games that showcase the polish and quality far surpassing that of games from the licensed era.

BiFrost Bridge Studios is a publishing house based in Palmer, Alaska. They bring narration to life through animation and traditional storytelling, empowering young voices by infusing neurodiversity, community outreach, and the beauty of nature into everything they do. The roots of the BiFrost name incorporate founder Kurtis Bunker’s Norwegian heritage and spirit. Where the rainbow of the bridge represents inclusivity and diversity, the bridge itself can be extended to improve relations, promote collaboration, and fuel creativity.

Debuting at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo in 2017, Tim and Greg from Retrotainment Games showed up with a new game called Haunted Halloween '85 and the NES homebrew scene has never been the same. Immediately following this game, they released Haunted Halloween '86 and have been hard in development for a new game called Full Quiet that was funded on Kickstarter a few years back. It is currently in the beta testing phase and will be blowing minds worldwide very soon.

Being named Jordan Davis isn't easy, being constantly compared the American singer/songwriter, so our Jordan Davis instead prefers to be known online as Raftronaut. Having toured as a musician, Jordan decided to make a NES homebrew game showing what touring life in his band Space Raft is all about. Having completed his work on that game, Jordan also does graphic and music work for other NES homebrew games that will be coming out soon.

Nate Peters released Doodle World, a colorful and whimsical game designed together with his daughter Araceli, in 2020. In it, you traverse the world created by Doodle, which is being threatened and erased by the terrible King Eraser and his minions. Nate included a special mode in the game, called Kids' Mode, which helps younger players with an easier version of the game which includes more lives, easier enemies, and fewer levels.

Chris has been one of the leading members of the collecting community for NES homebrew games for a few years now. Having amassed an incredible collection of rare and interesting games, Chris became friends with many developers from the community and began wanting to contribute more to the education and information surrounding homebrew games. This led to him creating Homebrews in Focus, a ongoing blog and YouTube series where he interviews respective developers to get inside knowledge on projects, as well as plays through homebrews alongside developer commentary.

E B D Holland, known professionally as Sole Goose Productions, is a writer, homebrewer, podcaster, craft beer enthusiast, and semi-professional long distance walker. Coining the term "a Beau block", Beau will often walk miles and miles before you've even woken up after a late night of drinking Old Fashioneds that Jon made for you in rocks glasses that you spent half the day looking for. But they sure were delicious!

What is Peek-A-Brews!? A YouTube channel? An artist? A game developer? At this point it's all very confusing and convoluted, but what I do know is Jon is the brains behind it all and he's one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet in your life. An amateur comedian in his spare time, Jon takes just as much time to craft the perfect joke as he does to craft the perfect cocktail. Which means neither takes much time or effort, but they sure do go down smooth. Before Kevin met Jon the art in his games was bad, but now the art in his games is good, so let's all thank Jon for being born and taking the time to click some pixels. Thank you Jon!

After witnessing many overseas NES homebrew developers finish games and have no avenue to release them in any widespread manner (while also noticing that homebrew collectors were clamoring for these unique titles that looked very much unlike the projects their American counterparts were releasing), Justin Orenich decided to step in and provide a service to help do just that. Justin was gracious enough to donate three of his newest releases for one lucky prize pack winner to enjoy!