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Others' Games

In addition to programming his own games, Kevin has often helped others with various other projects as needs arise. Listed below are a number of said projects.

Tic Tac XO label design

Pegs label design

Chunkout 2j music

Nage Hunt music

Snail Maze label design

KYFF label design

8-BIT XMAS 2008 music

8-BIT XMAS 2009 music

8-BIT XMAS 2010 music

8-BIT XMAS 2011 music

8-BIT XMAS 2013 graphics

8-BIT XMAS 2014 graphics

8-BIT XMAS 2016 graphics

8-BIT XMAS 2018 graphics

8-BIT XMAS 2019 additional programming

Homebrew World Championship 2012 package design

NES Virus Cleaner label design

Adversary programming

EnigmaCore programming

Silicon Statue programming

Welcome to Eville programming

Thornby programming

Four programming

Benhart's New Adventure programming & music

Random Insult Generator programming

Spook-o'-tron music

Solaris package design

Twelve Seconds package design

More Glider package design

Quadralords package design

A Winner is You package design

Power Coloring package design

​Scare Cart 2017 programming

Scare Cart 2018 programming

Holly Jolly NES Mix programming

ShmupSpeed programming

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