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Courier Press Kit



Courier is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) created by Jon Piornack, who also did all the art (both in-game and packaging). The game was programmed by Kevin Hanley, with music by Sergio Elisondo. It will be released in 2023. Courier is a cyberpunk adventure game where the player upgrades various abilities to open up different hacking minigames and more parts of the world as the engrossing story progresses. It is heavily inspired by the Shadowrun series.


In a desperate attempt to stop crucial information from being leaked, an unknown source has deployed a virus that corrupts anyone who jacks into cyberspace. The virus was designed to render all data Couriers inoperable. However, there was an anomaly...

Help Conrad free the city from the control of Ankh Industries in this exciting cyberpunk adventure!

Explore, pickpocket, shoot, and hack your way through many areas in order to upgrade your skills and fulfill your destiny.

Summary Fact Sheet


Team Members

    Jon Piornack: story, background art, sprites & box illustration

    Kevin Hanley: programming

    Sergio Elisondo: music

Release Platforms

    NES Cartridge

Release Dates

    May 1, 2024


    NES Cartridge (with box): USD $60

    Digital: $10

Primary Language



    This game has not been rated

Play Time

    Full Game: ~Four hours for your first playthrough.

File Size

    NES ROM: 512KB






During the high of the success of NEScape!, while Jon, Kevin and Kyndal were in Santa Monica, California attending IndieCade!, Jon told Kevin about an idea he had for a cyberpunk adventure game. It was decided that Courier would be the next project the both would tackle.

Development started on January 11, 2022 with the pair working intermittently between other projects. As the game was close to being finished it was decided that instead of releasing it on Kickstarter as they did with NEScape!, they would reach out to various publishers to see what options might be available to them in presenting the game to a larger audience.

A major indie publisher picked up the game with the promise of it being released in 2023, but issues arose with the publisher being unable to get their board to consistently work with the game. After attempting to resolve these issues, Kevin and Jon decided to circle back to their original plan of releasing it on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter went live on January 1, 2024. The game started arriving at people's houses around May 1, 2024.

Images & Media

Promotional Images

    Coming soon


    Teaser Trailer

    Main Trailer


    Will reveal when the game is in consumers' hands.


    Coming soon

Social Media

Kevin Hanley - @atonofglaciers

Jon Piornack - @peekabrews

Sergio Elisondo - @sergioelisondo

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