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NEScape! Hint Page

Using the links above, click on the Chapter that you need hints for. The hints are located below this paragraph, invisible to the naked eye. Please click and drag to reveal them. Only drag as far down as you need, as to not be spoiled.


1. Did you turn on the light?

The lightswitch is very close to where the cursor begins the game.

2. Did you pick up anything that wasn't previously available to pick up?

There is one thing on each wall that you can now pick up. (additional hint beneath)

The picture frames are now obtainable.

3. Did you place the picture frames anywhere?

Are there any newly revealed areas that share anything in common with the picture frames? (additional hint beneath)

Look at the frame corners. Do they look familiar? (additional hint beneath)

Place the picture frames on the blue wall, with the corresponding shared corners.

4. Did you find the newly revealed area?

Did you hear a noise when you placed the picture frames on the blue wall? (additional hint beneath)

It sounded like blinds. (additional hint beneath)

There is now a sliding puzzle on the yellow wall.

5. Did you open the piano?

The notes need to be played in a specific order. (additional hint beneath)

The sliding puzzle on the yellow wall reveal the order. (additional hint beneath)

In certain positions, the notes of the sliding puzzle aren't muted. (additional hint beneath)

Play the piano in this order: Low C, High C, B, G. (Look up a piano key label if you need)

6. Did you take the marble?

The marble was inside the piano.

7. Did you place the marble anywhere?

The marble is placed in the marble maze.

8. Did you get the third key?

The third key is revealed inside the marble maze after making it to the end.

9. Did you find what the third key unlocks?

This key unlocks a drawer on the blue wall.

10. Did you get the batteries?

The batteries were inside the drawer unlocked with the third key.

11. Did you combine the batteries with anything?

Is there anything in your inventory that would take batteries? (additional hint beneath)

The batteries can be combined with the walkman.

12. Did you combine the powered walkman with anything?

The powered walkman can be combined with the cassette.

13. Did you play the cassette?

It's saying a single word. (additional hint beneath)

It's a three letter word. (additional hint beneath)

It's saying "YOU"

14. Did you use the word heard from the cassette anywhere?

There is something functional in the room that you can put words in. (additional hint beneath)

Type the word onto the typewriter on the yellow wall.

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