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NEScape! Hint Page

Using the links above, click on the Chapter that you need hints for. The hints are located below this paragraph, invisible to the naked eye. Please click and drag to reveal them. Only drag as far down as you need, as to not be spoiled.


1. Did anything happen as the lights went out in Chapter 2?

A compartment opened up in something. (additional hint beneath)

Something opened in the typewriter.

2. Did you take the matches?

The matches are in the typewriter.

3. Did you light the candles?

Is there anything in your inventory that could light a candle? (additional hint beneath)

Use the matches on the candles.

4. Are the candles staying on?

If they aren't lit in the correct order, they will extinguish. (additional hint beneath)

Use the color slider puzzle to determine the correct order. (additional hint beneath)

When the slides are in the corret position, they remain white. (additional hint beneath)

Position all four sliders so that they are white, and note the colors behind the sliders from left to right. (additional hint beneath)

Light the candles in this order: red wall, yellow wall, green wall, blue wall.

5. Did anything open up after you lit the candles in the correct order?

The plant above the blue candle burned a bit.

6. Is there anything hidden on the tree branches?

There are symbols hidden on three of the branches.

7. Did you use those symbols anywhere?

The symbols found on the branches match symbols found on something else in this room. (additional hint beneath)

They are also found on the books.

8. Did you manipulate the books?

The books need to be pulled in a specific order. (additional hint beneath)

On the tree branches, there are three branches. The three branches each have specific numbers of leaves, giving you the order.

9. Did a new puzzle open up?

A new puzzle was revealed on the red wall.

10. Did you solve the spot the difference puzzle?

There are four puzzles. The first one has one difference, the second two, etc.

11. Did you find anything new after solving them?

Something has disappeared on one of the walls, revealing something new. (additional hint beneath)

The masks are now gone on the green wall.

12. Did you get the fourth key?

The fourth key was hidden behind the masks that are now gone.

13. Did you find what the fourth key unlocks?

The fourth key unlocks the white vanity on the red wall.

14. Did you get the second cassette?

The second cassette was in the white vanity.

15. Did you play the second cassette?

Combine the cassette with the powered walkman, as you did in Chapter 1. (additional hint beneath)

It is saying another single word, slightly more complex than the last. (additional hint beneath)

It's a six letter word. (additional hint beneath)

It's saying "SHIVER"

16. Did you use the word heard from the second cassette anywhere?

There is something functional in the room that you can put words in. (additional hint beneath)

Type the word onto the typewriter on the yellow wall.

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